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Getting Started
Getting Started

Here we cover the basics on how the platform works. How to setup your community and everything in between. 

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Product Manager at Tribe

Just simply follow these steps:

1. Decide on domain / subdomain name

Businesses usually chose ‚Äúcommunity.‚ÄĚ as the subdomain for their domain so their community address looks like community.yourdomain.com941. I have posted some ideas for the subdomain name in the comment section.

2. Update your DNS with A or CNAME record

If you are using the main domain as your community address (e.g., www.YourAwesomeCommunity.com428), you need to follow the steps given below:

If the A Record is not set, the website won't be accessible... (More)

Your Success Manager
Hola ūüĎč
Let's start by watching a short overview of Tribe
Product Manager at Tribe

Yours to Customize

You can customize the look and feel of this community to match your branding Within the admin panel, you can:

  • ūüé® Define your primary color and secondary color.
  • ūüíę You can upload your logo and fav icon.
  • ūüĎď You can add a custom navigation or links to top of the header.
  • ūüĒí You can make your community public or private.
  • ūüíé You can add your own custom css. meaning you can pretty much change whatever you see. from changing every color to hide any block.

Your limitation is your creativity.